Previous DWC Sessions

Watch these videos for examples of the topics covered at DWC.

2017 Digital Wrap Conference

Money for Nothing: How Exceptional Service Brands Earn more Pay for Less Work
Presented by Billy Marshall

Moneyball: Sales Management with a Digital Wrap
Presented by Anna McMahon

2018 Digital Wrap Conference

The Road to Success is Paved with Good Software Integrations
Presented by James Jordan

Become a Challenger to Take Control of the Customer Conversation
Presented by Matthew Dixon

2019 Digital Wrap Conference

Feelings Fool. Data Rules.
Presented by Shawn Mims

Making Your Own Luck
Presented by Phil M. Jones

What can you expect to learn at DWC?

DWC Topics

We pack A LOT of learning into two days of educational seminars and breakout sessions.  You’ll learn how to leverage technology to:

  • Develop sales programs that earn long-term contracts and long-term recurring revenue.
  • Competitively position your company so you can stand out in a crowded market.
  • Boost customer retention by showing them how you mitigate their risks before, during, and after service calls.
  • Make your company attractive to prospective employees through your use of modern systems that reduce unnecessary busy work.
  • Build brand visibility and value with existing customers, prospects, and potential employees with a digital wrap.

Who Attends? Those who grow.

A small sample of the best in class mechanical, fire protection, and other commercial service contractors that have attended DWC.